Deploy your Machine Learning models without any additional configuration

No Extra Configuration

MLDeployed requires only your saved model for deployment. Everything behind the scenes is taken care by us.

Deployment Ready

Get a webpage with backend deployed on AWS and running on Django - Python Framework which is cross-browser compatible.

Easy to Use

Ready to use and customizable with your own content and source files!

Fully Customizable Website

We provide a bootstrap 4 ready page with a basic layout. You can customize it according to your own needs with just a few steps. Decorate it as much you want.

Complete Backend Support

Our websites are deployed on AWS servers which results into zero downtime for maintanence. Our platform is completely scalable. We use the Django-Python Framework in the back-end, which is highly secure and user-friendly.

Easy to Use

No additional configuration is required. Just provide the save ML model and get a customized webpage which can be shared with anyone and can be run on any device. Get general statistics like where is the model failing, how many views per day, how much data is being collected daily etc.

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