What is MLDeployed

A unique website that serves as a platform for students to deploy their Machine Learning models on the Web and share it with others. No additional code is required to deploy the model. MLDeployed takes care of everything behind the scenes. We provide an unique cross-browser compatible website which can be used on any device.

Why MLDeployed

The Machine Learning field has evolved enormously over time to the extent that one is not required to write even a single line of code to generate an ML model. This makes the field appealing to even those who do not have a background in programming.

The website believes in this principle of simplicity and is reflected in the ease of deploying the model on the platform. A custom URL is also provided that can be shared on other platforms or added to your list of achievements on the CV! 

Recruiters are required to interview multitude of candidates - cloning GitHub repositories for each candidate is not a feasible task. Owing to this, one should strive to deploy their model on a platform. Many prefer to deploy the model on the Web as that enables easy access to the model across several devices. MLDeployed brings this unique approach to the field: share your model on the website and we will do the heavy-lifting of deploying it on the web.

What's in it for me?

  • No additional code or configuration required.
  • Get your own URL at 10x lower price 
  • Get an extensive statistics sheet. Eg: number of viewers, data statistics.  
  • Get an opportunity for free consulting.

Which Technologies do we use?

  • AWS facilities like EC2, S3, and RDS for hosting.
  • A domain name from GoDaddy.
  • The Django-Python framework for the backend. 
  • Get an opportunity for free consulting.
  • Bootstrap 4, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Jquery and many other frameworks for the front-end
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